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How Accurate Are Boundary Surveys?

Maybe you would like to determine the exact size of a piece of land you intend to sell or purchase. Maybe you are preparing for construction, and would like to make certain you do not encroach on a neighboring property. Or perhaps you would like to settle a dispute – or prevent one from arising […]


Topographic Surveys: Discover New Elevations

A topographic map is the best way of showing hills and undulations on paper. You’ve no doubt seen one before. It’s a map with lines that demonstrate the contours of the land. A mountainous area would have many complex lines to show all its various elevations. A flat area would have few lines, as its […]


Construction Surveys: Build With Confidence

Construction Surveys: Build With Confidence Architects, engineers and construction managers all share a common goal: to ensure that each project is built exactly to specifications. They will not achieve their goal without careful planning, which includes gaining a comprehensive understanding of the land they are building on. Fortunately, a single point of reference exists to […]


Existing Conditions: Look Before You Build

Imagine you are about to lie down on the ground. What do you do first? That’s right: you check the site for broken glass, pointy rocks, creepy crawlies, and other things that aren’t good to lie down on. It’s instinct. Now, imagine you’re planning to build something: a house, a gas station, a pharmacy, a […]

Subdivision Surveys: Let’s Break It Down

Farmer Olson is retiring and moving to someplace warm with Mrs. Olson. He has sold his farmland in Minnesota – all 200 acres of it – to a housing developer. The transaction went seamlessly, thanks in no small part to the professional ALTA survey the developer ordered from Compass Consultants. The developer intends to build […]


Location Surveys: Is Your Site Suitable?

If Compass Consultants had an office in Pisa, Italy during the 12th century, then the world would not have gotten one of its most famous buildings. We would have carefully scrutinized the proposed site of Pisa Cathedral’s new bell tower, done our research, and reported to our client that the ground was far too soft […]


Boundary Surveys: An In-Depth Look

“It’s important to establish boundaries.” This has become very popular relationship advice recently, and we do agree that it can be healthy to forbid your mother-in-law from joining you on your honeymoon. But as professional land surveyors, we strongly believed in the importance of establishing boundaries long before it became a psychological concept du jour. […]


Buying or Selling Commercial Land? Plan a Survey Now!

Take the first two letters of your last name. Next add the last letter of your first name. Finally, enter those three letters on the Nasdaq, and purchase $700,000 worth of whichever stock they represent. If you think that sounds like bad investment advice, then you are correct. You should never make an investment until […]


What Is an ALTA Survey?

Due diligence. It’s just one way a professional sets themself apart from the amateurs. When a professional is involved in the purchase of a commercial property, due diligence compels them to understand the land it is situated on inside and out. When it comes to land surveying, an ALTA survey represents the highest degree of […]