Compass Consultants Inc. is a provider of professional engineering & consulting services. We are located in Perham, MN. Our services include land surveying, for both commercial and residential projects, and environmental and regulatory services. Additionally, we specialize in engineering, infrastructure, and project management. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you complete your project on time and within your budget.

What We Do

Infrastructure Services

Compass has the scalable and reliable solutions you need for your engineering and consulting projects.

Project Management

Rely on the expertise of our client-orientated company to guide you through the process of completing your project on time and on budget.

Land Surveying

At Compass Consultants, we provide the most cutting-edge surveying, mapping, and property boundary services.

Environmental & Regulatory Services

We provide comprehensive environmental regulatory management. In addition, we focus on laws, regulations, and programs at the federal, state, and local levels.

What is a property survey?

A property survey is an examination of a piece of land that is used to determine the boundaries, size, and structures that are on the property. Surveys are often used when someone is buying or selling a piece of land, and they can be conducted by a licensed surveyor.

Surveys are important because they help to ensure that everyone involved knows exactly where the boundaries of the property are. This can help to avoid disputes later on down the road. If you’re buying or selling a piece of property, be sure to have a survey done so that there are no surprises later on.

When should the property be surveyed?

A property survey is an important tool that can be used to provide valuable information about a piece of property. Surveys can be used to determine the boundaries of a piece of property, as well as to locate any improvements that have been made to the property. Surveys can also be used to identify any easements or rights of way that may exist on a piece of property.

So when should a property be surveyed? Surveys are typically conducted when a piece of property is being sold, leased, or developed. However, there are other times when a survey may be needed, such as when a dispute arises over the boundaries of a piece of property. If you are unsure whether or not a survey is needed, it is always best to consult with a qualified professional.

Why should a property survey be made?

There are many reasons why a property survey should be made before any construction work is done on a piece of land. A survey can help to identify any potential risks or hazards that could cause problems during construction. It can also help to determine the best location for any proposed buildings or structures. Furthermore, a survey can provide valuable information about the soil type and quality, which can impact the foundation of any future buildings.

In short, a property survey is an important tool that can help to make any construction project safer and more successful. If you are planning any work on a piece of land, be sure to consult with a professional surveyor to get the most accurate and up-to-date information about the property.

How is a property survey obtained?

A property survey is an important document that shows the boundaries of a piece of land. This document is typically obtained when purchasing a new piece of property, but it can also be useful for other purposes, such as when making boundary disputes.

The most common way is to order one from a professional surveying company. This can be done through a real estate agent or directly through the surveying company. Hire a land surveyor to physically mark the boundaries of your property.

Client Testimonials

“Compass provided key services in the design and submission of our successful stimulus application package. The fact that we have chosen to continue with Compass after the initial application process is representative of their excellent engineering services and our satisfaction with their endeavors. Compass’ people are professional, efficient, invaluable assets and strive to maintain the quality service we expect.”

“We were shocked when we received the quote for flood insurance on our house that we were trying to purchase. The quote for flood insurance came back at $4,000 per year for something we didn’t need. We had to put the purchase on hold for a while until we could work this out. We worked with FEMA on our own for about three months to try and get the flood zone changed without any success. Therefore we contacted Compass Consultants Inc. and they helped us get our LOMA approved by FEMA in less than 30 days from initial consultation. Overall, we are very happy with the results from Compass Consultants.”

“We recently surveyed our property for estate planning. We hired the surveying services of Compass Consulting. Not only was Compass incredibly pleasant to deal with, he/Compass was able to work hand in hand with a local attorney and county offices in resolving issues involving our property in our absence.

We have found most people that we deal with in Minnesota to be kind and considerate, but we thought Compass went above and beyond to handle our survey and worked to save us money in the process. Definitely would recommend them and will use them again ourselves if the need arises.”

Got questions about our land surveying services? Browse our list of Frequently Asked Questions, or send us a message.

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