When do you Need a Land Survey?

We often hear people ask, “Do I really need a professional surveyor?” In our experience, the answer is almost always yes. Unless you just have a passing curiosity about your property boundary line, it’s time to give your friendly neighborhood surveyor a call.

Time to Call a Surveyor

Everyone’s case is different, but if you find yourself in any of these situations, you should hire a professional surveyor to save headaches down the road.

Buying or Selling Land

In many states, surveys are required when you buy or sell a property. But even if a survey isn’t required, it’s a wise best practice. This isn’t just for people buying or selling large acreage, either: you need a surveyor if you’re buying or selling a house, too.

The surveyor plays a critical role in defining the property’s boundaries. This way, the buyer and the seller are in total agreement about the nature and size of a piece of property. It also ensures there are no issues with the property boundaries, which can occur even if you’ve owned the property for decades.

To know what you’re buying and to ensure the quality of what you’re selling, always hire a surveyor.

Property Boundary Disputes

Do you find yourself stuck in an annoying tug-of-war with neighboring property owners? Boundary disputes can be a pain. Instead of guessing where the property boundary is and fighting with your neighbor, let an impartial surveyor discover the truth. This might mean one property owner “loses” land, but a survey can stop boundary disputes in their tracks.

This is another reason it’s so important to survey any land you buy. You know the property boundaries going in, and there are no surprises for either you or your neighbors.

Building or Improvements

Let’s say you want to build a fence in your backyard. Most folks would start building the fence without consulting a surveyor. This can lead to a world of headaches, particularly if you realize your brand new fence is on your neighbor’s property.

Don’t build property on someone else’s land. Too often the fence line isn’t a reliable measure of where your property boundary really is. This is even more important if you’re building more permanent improvements, like a pond, parking structure, or even a new house. The surveyor steps in before you begin the expensive task of construction, giving you the all-clear.

Don’t skip the survey when you build or improve your property. You might just end up disassembling that new shed.

Find Utilities

During the course of a survey, your surveyor can demarcate the utilities on your property. This will show utilities like water, electric and gas, but also other features like pipes, drains or manhole covers.

The point of hiring a surveyor is to make sure there are zero surprises when it comes to your property. Finding your utilities is particularly crucial if you plan to build or excavate on the property. There’s nothing worse than digging two feet and severing a water line.

The Bottom Line

When in doubt, it’s best to hire a professional to avoid getting into hot water. What looks like a small issue to you could turn out to be a giant problem. Give a surveyor a call to cover yourself, whether you’re building a new house or wanting to solve a property boundary dispute for good.

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