How do I Find the Property Line for my Fence?

Property fencing can sometimes create complex issues when it comes to understanding the relationship of a fence line with a deed line. It is vital that you know exactly where your property boundaries are. You may be able to find the property markers by yourself using a metal detector or shovel to locate the metal pins that are buried in the ground at each corner of your property. This video explains the value of a boundary survey in helping to answer many of the land surveying questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is that fence on my property or the neighbors property or is that the property line?

-Some ways to find out are checking local regulations for any specific guidelines regarding fence placement, conducting an inspection to look for boundary markers, and considering getting assistance from a surveyor if needed.

  • What is the relationship of your fence line and your deed line?

-The fence line and the deed line ideally should align, although discrepancies can arise, leading to potential legal issues or disputes between neighbors. It’s important for property owners to understand their property rights and responsibilities regarding fences and to take steps to prevent property boundary conflicts.